Are Food Choices harming 

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Let me introduce myself!

Everyone has a story leading to where they are today.  Mine started when I was a teen, struggling with migraines. I just dealt with them, not even questioning why. I just knew that a chocolate éclair from Dunkin Donuts wasn’t the right answer, nor was that Pepsi I loved so much…
For years I pushed myself through the days, gritting my teeth to bear the pain a little better, taking care of my littles, then crashing into a dark, quiet room to sleep the pain away.
I tried a few different things, but I didn’t start seeing improvement until I took a good look at what I was eating. I started slowly taking those toxins and additives out of my diet…MSG, artificial flavors, natural flavors, white sugar, enriched flour, artificial colors and other things I couldn’t pronounce.
Then I started looking at ingredients in our personal care products and what I was using on our babies and littles. As I learned better, I did better and I have led my family to a level of health we wouldn’t have known otherwise.
I have completely swapped all the toxic products out of our home, learned how to keep my family above the wellness line, helped balance our hormones and our emotions – even through birth trauma, loss, anxiety, a worldwide pandemic and more…
The change in our lives has been incredible, but nothing has compared to the community I have found. The support, love, encouragement, friendship, mentorship and more have truly taken my breath away. I believe I am here for such a time as this, to empower women of all ages as they seek wellness, purpose and abundance for themselves and their families. As I learn better, I do better, and I want the same for you. Who knew that just trying to get rid of migraines would  lead to where I am now??

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