Time...do you have all you want?

Do you ever feel like you don't have enough time?? 

Losing time is kinda like losing money...but worse...

You can make more money, but you can't make more time...

But, guess what? We all have time, and enough of it. Hard truth is that we waste it on the wrong things and that makes us feel like we don't have enough time. We all have the same 24 hours but some people accomplish so much and others...well...not quite so much...LOL

Let’s take a look at some areas you may be losing time..

First way you lose time is dwelling in the past. You will always feel like you don’t have enough time because you aren’t actually being present for the time you have right now. You are literally giving your time and energy away to the past. Is this you? Do you tend to hold onto the past? Those hurts? Resentments? Mistakes?  Failures? Should haves? That anger?  Can you see where this is not helping you have time in the here and now? 


Number 2…you spend a lot of time in fear. Yes, we are living in some crazy times right now. Faith is the opposite of fear. Are you living in faith or are you living in fear? Fear is a thief…it will steal your life. It will steal your time. So, ask yourself, are you living in fear??
Next up, are you living in worry? It’s a lot like fear, but a little more ramped up…you spend all your energy and time worrying about what could happen. That worry will paralyze you from living. Think about that…you’re afraid of something that might happen in the future, so you don’t live in the present. You just make the future come true now. Worry brings the future to today. You are living as if it is going to happen. You are already living in it. You will not have time to accomplish what you want in life when you are living in worry.
How about judgment of others and comparison…Do you know how much time you spend judging other people and comparing yourself to them instead of doing what you could actually do in the world?? Sooo much!! Social media makes this so easy…you are looking at everyone else’s highlight reel and comparing it to your reality…

Where are my procrastinators?? Procrastination is such a big one! Ever been overwhelmed by that looming to do list and just not do any of it at all? Here’s a little secret about procrastination…most of the time you will eventually get that thing done, but in the process, you’ll be stressed and overwhelmed, but then you’ll actually do the thing and it won’t even take you that long to do it…but until then, you overthink it, can’t decide how to do it,  do the laundry, the dishes, wash the floor, and the dog, binge Netflix, eat all the cookies, and...think about the thing you really should be doing...How much time did you waste?? Learn to honor your word to yourself and do what you said you were going to do…it’s so empowering to trust yourself to put something on your list and know it will get done. Then when you finish, there are no “should haves” hanging over your head. There’s no shame and no guilt…
How much time do you spend in indecision?? Been there…done that…just spent last week there...LOL Most of the time there is no right or wrong decision, here is just the decision you make right by how you choose to think about it. You can spend so much time in the land of indecision… Just decide. Or just decide to decide if you need to. ;)

So…how do we create time?  What is the first way you can create an abundance of time in your life? It’s simple…it’s with your thoughts. You just decide. When you tell yourself I have time and space for all I need and want to do, you feel an openness, an abundance, freedom…you don’t feel pressure, stress…you can breathe easier and relax.

Second way is to plan. Spend a little bit of time planning instead of just diving into the things. Spend 10 minutes each night or each morning planning your day. This is so powerful!! Projects and tasks will take the amount of time you assign to them. If you haven’t assigned a space of time to them, guess how long they take?? Yup - all of that empty space. 
What is something you have been putting off doing? It won’t take you that long, but you know you need to do it… You will end up doing it, but in the meantime, you are stressing yourself, and others, out. I challenge you to put that thing on your calendar and get it done. Make a plan.
We make time by thinking. We make time by planning. We make time by taking  action. How often do you walk around the thing you need to do in your house? You move it out of your way continuously. You look at it daily. A pile of stuff. Something you need to order. Bills you need to pay. Make a plan. Keep your word to yourself, and do the thing. 

So, how are you wasting time and how are you creating time?

Look back at your last 24 hours. How did you spend them? Look back and see if you can figure it out. You can’t get that time back. 

How are you going to spend your time? Are you going to prioritize your marriage, your family, your home, your health, your faith? Plan it out. When you put more intention around your time, you will find so much of it to do what you need to do or better yet, what you want to do. You’re not wasting it in fear, worry, judgment, comparison, procrastination and indecision, but you are creating it in better ways. You will be living your best life.
Are you in?