Free immune and emotional support? Yes, please!

That time of year is fast know the paced, cooler temps, more "under the weather" days and nights, stress and overwhelm sneak in...

How about a little free support on the emotional and wellness side?? Simply place your monthly order for typical products you use every day in your home, and you will find these goodies in your box when it arrives at your door! My absolute favorite way to shop! No crowds, no lines, no chemicals. ;)

With over 700 species of eucalyptus, as well as chemotypes, common names and different parts of the plant being marketed, it is easy to be confused and most companies are labeling their oil all under the genus of Eucalyptus. That is not only confusing, but it is misleading!
Let’s talk a little chemistry…I hated it in high school. but am absolutely fascinated by it now…

What is a Chemotype?  A chemotype (CT) is a designation that tells you that the species has different chemical constituents. This usually happens because the plant is grown in a different area with a distinct climate that changes the chemistry. 
It’s important to know what you are getting because different species (and chemotypes) may have different purposes. So the uses of eucalyptus will be different and some species may not be suitable for all uses!
So, how do you know what you are getting? Always purchase and use oils by the common name and genus species. And of course make sure they are pure! Remember 98% of oils out there are food and fragrance grade…not pure oils. Nan suggests we choose chemistry over confusion, dependability over deception, and quality over quantity or price, and reminds us to read your labels and don’t be “taken by a snake oil salesman”.  Remember 100% USP on your label means adulterated.

Back to Eucalyptus globulus –  commonly known as Eucalyptus. It is found in RC, Ortho Sport and OrthoEase. Commonly known to support your respiratory system and soothe those muscles after a workout, it may also promote emotional wellbeing by helping you become more aware when and how your proverbial buttons are being pushed…
Use diluted - 50:50 dilution then, apply several drops (2-4) on location, or diffuse
Animals may smell it directly from the bottle or place a drop or two in your palm, then smell. Or place a drop in your palm and pet head to toe.
Leave all the stresses of life behind, unless you are like me… You know my love/hate relationship with this one, right?? Hated it for many years…still have days I don’t like it…but I use it anyway… on those days I am drawn to it. Made the mistake of putting it behind my ears before we left for Boston to fly to NC for an incredible couple of days with my girls…just the smell stressed me out on top of the other stress…LOL More work to do…
Others love it for anger, calming, nervousness, argumentativeness, relaxation, restlessness, emotional and mental stress.
Six oils – copaiba (great for irritation), lavender, cedarwood, ocotea, lime and vanilla absolute. My friend, the individual abilities of these oils are incredible. It is worth taking a few minutes and looking into them!
Nan says it will help people and animals let go of learned and genetic patterns to mental, emotional, spiritual and physical stress, bringing awareness to what your sources of stress are and what needs to be changed. Remember, you can’t change what you are not aware of and awareness is 75% of the healing. 
Use neat, apply to neck, wrists, temples or anywhere else you are led. I prefer bottoms of my feet where I can’t smell it…

One of my absolute must haves… Immupro supports your body’s natural sleep rhythm with all the benefits of Melatonin, Wolfberries and Reishi Mushrooms along with chelated zinc, copper and selenium. Science shows chelated minerals are more easily absorbed by your body and we all know how important it is to support your immune system, especially with the coming of winter or when you are stressed.
Easy peasy to use, just chew 1 tablet before going to bed. If stressed, grab 2-4 tablets or 1 tablet as needed.


One of my all time favorites…love that the name of a blend tells us what it can do for us…Containing 19 different oils, Blue Tansy, Geranium, Frankincense, Neroli, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Coriander, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, German Chamomile, Blue Cypress, Tangerine, Spearmint, Lemon, Davana, Kaffir Lime, Ocotea, Jasmine absolute and Rose Otto oil, this is an excellent blend for so many things in the emotional category..
Calming and balancing, it may help with feelings of abandonment, argumentativeness, shame, betrayal, bitterness, blame, defeated, denial, despair, forgiveness, forgetfulness, frustration, hate, rejection, obsessiveness, overwhelmed, self pity, restlessness, sadness, and transitions.

Nan reminds us that accepting situations, whether physical or emotional, is something you face daily. Remember, when you resist or try to control situations, things usually become worse or blow up in your face!
Acceptance gently helps you to accept challenges so you can move forward instead of facing them with resistance, anger or resentment.

It asks you to be more open and attract new things into your life, whether that is people, relationships or even animals. If you tend to procrastinate or are in denial, Nan says this blend will help.

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