Need a little sleep support?

Supper is finally finished, homework or chores are done, sports practices are over, the kids are settled for the night. . . you sit down on the couch, let out a big sigh, and you . . .
Let your mind wander back to everything you didn’t get accomplished today…
Continue to stress over that argument or phone call that didn’t go your way…
Already find yourself being anxious about everything you have to do tomorrow…
Sound familiar??
What if your downtime went something like this . . . you sit down on the couch, let out a big sigh, and you . . .
Celebrate everything that you crossed off your to-do list…
Feel at peace with the way you handled every situation you faced because you were able to stay calm and relaxed…
Find yourself looking forward to tomorrow with anticipation of all the blessings coming your way…
Sound too good to be true? 
It doesn’t have to be!

Your body needs sleep to physically function, make decisions, focus on tasks, manage those emotions, and to handle all that each day can throw at you! Think about that toddler who has missed their nap. They are grumpy, overwhelmed by small things, and anything that isn't just right. Your adult brains feel the same way when you don’t get enough sleep…how’s that for a visual? 😉
I don’t know about you, but too much stress usually means too little sleep, which then leaves me more tired, more cranky, and more stressed. So how do we stop the  cycle?   

So much of getting a good night's rest is in establishing a routine, even for adults! Walking through the same steps each evening helps you create a habit as well as cues your brain that it's time to rest. 

 * Keep the lights low and warm after dinner. Think more ambient lighting and candles and avoid those overhead lights if possible.
*Turn off your phone. 
*Sip on some hot tea - add even more benefit with a drop of Lemon Vitality.
*Take a bath - add a cup of Epsom salt with 10 drops of Lavender or other sleep oil, then use Relaxation Massage Oil or Lavender Hand & Body Lotion all over. You can also add a drop or two of your favorite oil to the massage oil or lotion for an extra boost!
*Light stretches - nothing over the top, just some light stretches or Yoga poses to help release tension. Put some Frankincense and PanAway on your feet.

 *Turn on that diffuser. A great combination is Lavender, Tangerine and Northern Lights Black Spruce! Other favorite sleep oils are Frankincense, Valor, Peace & Calming, Vetiver, and Cedarwood. 

 *Grab your oils and apply them to the bottom of your big toes (the nerve endings that connect to the brain end here!), your wrists, neck, and chest. You can use the same oils we talked about or try my favorites - Tranquil, RutaVala, Dream Catcher, or Roman Chamomile. I am sure you have heard of or maybe even tried Chamomile tea, right?  What effect did it have on you? If it made you feel calm and relaxed, imagine that times 100?!!  It has the power to calm the crankiest babies, relax the most restless adults, minimize the biggest feelings of fear and worry, stabilize the most out of whack emotions, and foster the ability to release your most negative emotions.  This one is worth stocking up on!
You can even make your own roll-ons by simply adding a total of 40-60 drops of any of the oils listed above to a 10ml roller bottle, then top it off with your favorite carrier oil. Easy peasy!

 * Run a fan, or sound machine to help drown out any noise.
 * Keep your room cool (but not overly cold). Your body sleeps better when it has a cooler temperature.
 * Make your bed a comfy, cozy space. Think soft textures that are inviting and feel good against your skin.
 *Try Seedlings Linen Spray or a DIY pillow spray with your favorite sleep oils! Gently spray pillows, sheets, blankets.

 *And for those nights when sleep is super elusive, I keep Sleep Essence and ImmuPro on hand.

Sleep Essence combines Lavender, Vetiver, Valerian and Tangerine oils with melatonin, our natural sleep hormone.  It’s also a great tool when go below that wellness line. 

 ImmuPro is a blend of Ningxia wolfberry, reishi, maitake, and agaricus blazei mushroom powders along with melatonin to boost immunity and help you rest when you need it most.
Once you oil up, if you are still having a hard time relaxing and your thoughts are still racing, here are a couple of other things you can try:
Journaling - Getting your thoughts on paper helps to get them out of your head. Keep a journal on your nightstand and put the brakes on those racing thoughts by jotting them down.
Gratitude - Instead of laying there thinking of all the things that could go wrong, force yourself to focus on all the things that have gone right. Need some help? Apply your Gratitude to your wrists and breathe deep.
Get Up - I know, this sounds counterintuitive, right? Why would you ‘get up’ if you are trying to get to sleep?  If you are tossing and turning and getting more and more restless, getting up and finding a simple task to do, applying an oil, or even grabbing an adult coloring book can be just the thing to calm your mind enough to be ready for sleep.

What's your favorite trick to help you settle down and fall asleep? I'm always collecting ideas and solutions! Simply hit reply and share it with me! I'd love to hear from you!