A pen can change your world...

Unique. Irreplaceable. Valuable. Treasured.  
This pen tells the story of me...and you... 
It arrived at the perfect time. 
From an unexpected source. 
So many things had to come together for this pen to be created. People had to connect. Timing had to work out. Moments had to happen. Failures. Growth. Desires. Celebrations. Life. 
Our son created this fountain pen. It is truly the only one of its kind.  
There is only one man in the world creating the patented alloy that it is made of.  
This alloy has never been made into a pen...before now. The others have made knives, brass knuckles or coin casting, but never a pen.  
Even the ink it holds is made by another chemist who mixes and sells his own inks.  
But the best part?  
My husband bought it...for me.  
The man, who years ago, described a teddy bear in perfect detail that he thought about buying me...but didn’t...bought our son’s most expensive pen, one that is possibly the first in a small series...for me. 
How does this pen tell the story of us? 
Sit for a moment and consider all the circumstances that happened, people that needed to connect, the timing and synchronicities involved for those moments to happen.  
Think about the struggles, the challenges, the victories, the failures, the heartaches, the growth, desires, celebrations, for us to be born, here, now... 
Like this pen, we are unique, way more than one in a million. We were chosen – the egg chose which sperm to allow in. That may be more detail than you wanted, but that adds so more to our depth, our purpose, our be-ing.  
I challenge you today to re-visit the story of you. Who your ancestors were, how they lived, how they met, what stories they told, what created who they were, that ultimately led to who you are... 
You are uniquely you.  

But...what if...

Oh, but what if...

What if you focused on what you want more of, instead of what you don't want?

More always comes...good or bad...the universe is limitless...more always comes...

What if instead of letting one thing start the downward emotional spiral, you let one thing start the spiral upward instead?? Both options are always available...

What if you choose not to struggle? What if life could be easy?

What if you focus on your desires instead of your lack?

What if life is happening for you and you learn to ask the question, "Now what? What do I do now?" and going for magic and everything you want?

What if you fully believed you were born worthy and nothing has or will change that?

What if it is always the best day ever!?

Like attracts like, my friend. Joy attracts joy. Love attracts love...

What are you attracting??

(Melanie Ann Layer - Prosperity Codes - Compound Effect)

How will your story be told?

Your whole life will ultimately be summed up in a newspaper column…a page or maybe a page and a half if it is printed out…along with a snapshot of you in a brief moment in time…

Regardless of how well you lived, loved, served, worked…a page…

It will never be able to accurately or completely capture your essence; your laugh; smile; impact; gaze; that twinkle in your eye when you were a bit mischievous; or the way your chin puckered when you were sad. It won’t describe your feelings; your touch; your smell; the good times; the challenging times; your inspirational and touching times; the mundane and boring times; or even the ugly times. Nor will it convey the quiet assurances; the hugs; words of instruction and wisdom; your presence…

A single page…

How will your story be told in hindsight?

(Dedicated to two very special men that forever impacted my world - Marty Albertson and Dr. Thomas Farrell (pictured above)

Are you playing the game of life to win?? *Upcoming CARE Basic Seminar*

Have you ever looked at your life through the lens of a video game??
It’s a wild adventure!! Just spent five days doing just that on a masterclass with Melanie Ann Layer.
My friend, don’t be a non-playing character (NPC) in your own life. Be an active player. To win, you must play.
Play to change your life.
Play to win and leave something beautiful behind. 
You only lose when you power off…
What if you truly learn to play this game of your life well? Playing with everything you have? 
Playing to win and win big and enjoying all the moments along the way??
After all, you created the game. You wrote the guidebook. 
You created the obstacles, gremlins, monsters, detours…
You even sprinkled in cute little hearts, shiny gold coins, a little extra life force for the rough spots you would encounter along the way. 
You determined the level of skill, patience, commitment, and focus needed to be fully ready to move to the next level.
You added in that duality for a little extra something…that frustration that keeps drawing your competitive spirit back in for the next try…the little happy celebrations that give you the pick me up you need to even consider attempting the next level…
Can you lean in, staying focused, committed and determined to have just as much fun in this daily game of life as you did all those nights staying up until 3am just trying to beat the little gremlins on the screen of your favorite game, laughing with friends until you cried, cheering each other on, teasing one another a wee bit, loving the moments, taking the experience and wisdom with you to the next levels, but never forgetting the cherished memories you created along the way?
Player One – are you ready?

It's MY birthday month and I want to sprinkle some of that birthday love your way!
Here’s how we’ll make this month extra special…
Throughout March, for every session you have with me, your name will go into my first ever Birthday Drawing!
If you help spread the birthday cheer by referring a friend, and they have a session in March, you DOUBLE your chances with another entry into the draw!
On April 1st, I'll be drawing 2 winners who'll have the delightful dilemma of choosing between a Mini Sound Table Session (a $60 value) or 36-Minute Ionic Foot Detox experience (a $55 value). Relaxation and healing…and it’s my treat!
My schedule is twinkling with celebrations this birthday month, so if you want in on the fun, don't wait! Message or drop a comment below to secure your spot. 
Are you ready to dive into a month of longer days, wellness, and a little sprinkle of birthday magic?

I am hosting another CARE Basic Seminar April 6 and 7 in Skowhegan! Are you looking for new tools for your wellness toolbox? Vitaflex and Raindrop might just be in! Whole body and emotional support at the cellular level. I have used these tools repeatedly with my kiddos and haven't had any complaints yet. ;)  

Interested? Simply reply and let me know!
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Do you have your own Lifesteps account yet?? It is a treasure trove of information, challenges, and diffuser blends! LOL

Saying goodbye to 2023 in a powerful new way...

Let me ask you, my friend, how was your 2023? 

Honestly, I didn't realize how incredible my year was until I took a look back after I was challenged to create a hindsight board, forgive myself and see what lessons I want to take into 2024...

I've heard of vision boards, but hindsight boards are a new concept for me...and I'm hooked. It will become a new tradition at the beginning of every year for me from now on.

It is so simple for us to sit back and think, "Well, I'm glad 2023 is over...it was such a hard year..." or whatever, but was it, really??? Was it really a bad, horrible, hard, whatever year, or were there moments and experiences that were challenging, hurtful, or life changing?

I challenge you to take a look back at your 2023. Look at the memories. Look at the lessons. Take those into 2024. Leave the rest. Start building your foundation of 2024 now, creating what you want to look back on at the end of this year...

Your moments create your life...what kind of life are you creating??


Definitely not my strongest suit...

Is it easy for you? 

The person you will most need to forgive is...yourself. If you can't even forgive yourself, how can you expect to be able to forgive others?

I wrote a forgiveness letter to myself, and one to another person...

Guess which one was longer??

Let's just say I have a lot of work to do on me...

Sit and write a letter of forgiveness to yourself...when you think you can't forgive any  more, go a little deeper...go a little deeper still...go until you are empty.

Do the same for someone you need to forgive.

Then...burn them (responsibly, please), or tear them up, whatever form of destruction feels right. 😉 Let it go. No need to carry that energy into 2024. Take the lessons with you. Leave the rest.

Are you up for the challenge?

Then, take a look at the lessons you learned in the hard, sad, challenging, frustrating, not so pretty times of 2023...Here's a peek at mine...

*You are making an impact, good or bad, in every interaction in your world. Strive to always make it a good one...it might be the last memory someone has of you. Don't be that critical, judgey, mean or self righteous memory.

*You are more powerful than the darkness. 

*Let the universe work its magic...and stay out of the way...

*Listen more. Judge less. Stop assuming. Always give benefit of the doubt.

*Ask. Never accuse.

I challenge you to create a hindsight board. Take the time to sit and write a letter of forgiveness to yourself and someone else. Enjoy the gift of letting it all go. What are the lessons you can take into this new year?? I'd love to see results! Simply hit "reply" and share with me!

Here's to an incredibly powerful 2024...
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