Unique. Irreplaceable. Valuable. Treasured.  
This pen tells the story of me...and you... 
It arrived at the perfect time. 
From an unexpected source. 
So many things had to come together for this pen to be created. People had to connect. Timing had to work out. Moments had to happen. Failures. Growth. Desires. Celebrations. Life. 
Our son created this fountain pen. It is truly the only one of its kind.  
There is only one man in the world creating the patented alloy that it is made of.  
This alloy has never been made into a pen...before now. The others have made knives, brass knuckles or coin casting, but never a pen.  
Even the ink it holds is made by another chemist who mixes and sells his own inks.  
But the best part?  
My husband bought it...for me.  
The man, who years ago, described a teddy bear in perfect detail that he thought about buying me...but didn’t...bought our son’s most expensive pen, one that is possibly the first in a small series...for me. 
How does this pen tell the story of us? 
Sit for a moment and consider all the circumstances that happened, people that needed to connect, the timing and synchronicities involved for those moments to happen.  
Think about the struggles, the challenges, the victories, the failures, the heartaches, the growth, desires, celebrations, for us to be born, here, now... 
Like this pen, we are unique, way more than one in a million. We were chosen – the egg chose which sperm to allow in. That may be more detail than you wanted, but that adds so more to our depth, our purpose, our be-ing.  
I challenge you today to re-visit the story of you. Who your ancestors were, how they lived, how they met, what stories they told, what created who they were, that ultimately led to who you are... 
You are uniquely you.  


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