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Can you believe it? We're already approaching the end of 2023. And as we enter this new year, I have a question for you...Do you make New Year's Resolutions? Me? Nope.  It always felt like I was setting myself up for disappointment year after year.

But recently, I came across a thought-provoking Facebook post by Kevin Scott. In celebration of his 46th birthday, he shared 46 valuable life lessons he's learned so far. It really got me thinking...

What if instead of traditional resolutions, we chose one or two of these lessons to focus on throughout the year? We could even break it down by quarters, working on different lessons throughout the upcoming year. Just imagine where we could be this time next year...

What do you think?

1- Keep your word.
2- Don’t let anybody, (including yourself) talk you out of your passions.
3- Tomorrow is already too late.
4- Never take for granted those who love you.
5- Be incredibly grateful for everything you have NOW.
6- Never stop learning.
7- Find the beauty in everything.
8- There is a lesson and a gratitude in every situation.
9- Listen to peoples’ emotions more than their words.
10- Plans change- get over it quick.
11- Conviction is one of your greatest assets!
12- Driving is a full time job. (Learned that one from my dad.)
13- Getting upset over trivial things is a waste of life energy.
14- Don’t let money rule or ruin your life.
15- Find someone with the same values as you.
16- When you find your person, put a ring on it, fast!
17- You don’t need to be right.
18- Make sure to prioritize yourself too.
19- What you say cannot be taken back; be conscious of your words.
20- You’re far more capable than you think.
21- Never give up.
22- Be intentional with your caring.
23- The more you understand yourself the more you can understand others.
24- Being able to cook is a valuable life skill.
25- Surround yourself with people who challenge you mentally and emotionally.
26- It’s really easy to have low standards when you don’t set a high bar for yourself.
27- There’s always someone ahead of you. Learn from them.
28- The things that help you forget your pain in a moment, often turn that pain into suffering.
29- Be proud of your achievements, no matter how small.
30- Small gestures of kindness often have the largest impact.
31- Have good posture, dress up once in a while, and learn to tie your own tie.
32- Tell the people in your life you love them: your dad, your brother, your father-in-law, your son, your nephew…all of them.
33- Don’t watch the mainstream news, it never tells the full story.
34- Taking responsibility isn’t just saying you’re sorry.
35- Your gifts are valuable, and you can charge for them!
36- Live a “relationship first” life.
37- Chivalry isn’t FOR women, it’s FROM men.
38- Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Be grateful for it, and say thank you often.
39- Apologize for who you were being, not just for what you did.
40- Yoga gets more essential with age.
41 - You’re never too old to start again.
42- Freedom is escaping routines only to find out how important they are.
43- Get over your fear of feeling.
44- Fight FOR something instead of against others.
45- Always double check.
46- You can never tell your partner how beautiful and amazing they are too much.
Special thanks go to the most beautiful and amazing woman in my life, Melanie. I love you, thank you for being the best thing that ever happened to me!

What thoughts got your attention??

Step by step, thought by thought, you can create an incredible 2024. Are you ready??

See you on the other side of 2023!!


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