It takes just 3 seconds...

Just 3 seconds...

That's how long it takes essential oils reach your heart, liver and thyroid from the time you inhale them. They can be found in your bloodstream within 26 seconds after being applied…just like anything else you inhale or apply…Sit with that for a moment…

So, can you use any just any oil? Does quality really matter?
If you walk into a grocery store and look at a box of cereal, you’ll see nutrition facts on the side. However, there are no nutrition facts on the side of oils and no labeling requirements. So that means you have to know and trust the source – the company you are buying from. 
If you see “100% USP grade” on the label of your favorite oil, that means US Pharmacopeia, which means it has been manipulated to fit a standard, so by definition, it is adulterated. Wrigley’s wants all its spearmint gum to taste exactly the same every single time you buy a package, unwrap a stick and pop it into your mouth. Therapeutic oils cannot be played with in any form. They contain a life force and even just a little bit of synthetic material can poison it or even destroy it all together.
So, let me ask you…why would you use an oil laden with chemicals if the entire purpose of using oils is to get away from chemicals?? 
Unfortunately, you cannot have quality without cost. Just think about that hamburger on the dollar menu compared to an organic, grass fed, Angus beef burger…they are both burgers, right? Or…are they?? I read a book called Chew On This to the kids – all about the fast food industry. We learned that the meat (and other parts) of thousands of animals can be found in just one burger…and some of the grain that is being fed to commercial beef actually contains…dead cows!!! Remember mad cow disease?? Yup…You get what you pay for!! We seem to understand that when it comes to burgers and other industries, but not with oils…

Authenticity is why you just can’t buy oils at the grocery store. Authentic means that they do not alter the essential oil in any way during or after the distillation process. Companies can claim they use proper distillation of the plant material and that they don’t alter that process because there is a little unknown secret in the aromatherapy world called fractional distillation and rectification.

Fractional distillation is when a company buys essential oils that have been distilled properly, but then, after the plant material is distilled, it goes through a process that fractions out certain molecules. In the case of peppermint, they will take out the earthy aromatic molecules leaving a much more “pleasant” and sweet smelling final essential oil, not the natural peppermint smell it should have. 

Rectification is where a batch of oil is missing some amount of molecules that causes the smell to be too different from what a consumer may think is "normal". The company adds in molecules from other plants to fix or “rectify” the issue. In the case of a batch of Lavender that isn’t as floral smelling as the last batch, they may add in some molecules from Ylang ylang to help fix the smell.

Consider when you buy an orange, you know that the orange you buy now will taste and smell different from the orange you buy even next week. That is nature. With oils, because they are bottled, your brain thinks something is wrong when it smells different from bottle to bottle. In the world of true unaltered authentic aromatherapy, it is normal to have aromatic differences from batch to batch.

How do you know you can trust Young Living? Simply put – Seed to Seal. It is what sets them apart from all other oil companies. No stripping constituents to make them smell better. No mixing species of the same oil. No weed killers, pesticides, herbicides or genetically modified seeds. No “f” word fragrances we talked about last week. They spend $12,000 per acre to hand weed instead of the industry standard of $60 per acre to spray with pesticides. No solvents are used in the distillation process. No mercury, arsenic, glyphosate, or any poison in the soil because the fields are untouched by toxic chemicals…and more. Want to see the difference for yourself? Check out here to learn more. 
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Have an incredible week, my friend.