I have a secret for you...

Let me tell you a little secret…if you don’t show up for you, no one else will, and you will not be able to serve and love to the best of your best ability.

If you don’t prioritize showing up for yourself, you will desperately need others to show up for you…you’ll always wonder why so and so isn’t supporting you or doesn’t show up for you, or didn’t remember your birthday…you’ll look for all the reasons why others should do something for you, be there for you, help you…

Guess what? The only person responsible for showing up for you is…you. Ouch, right!? I get it! It’s so easy to sit and feel sorry for ourselves, wondering why others don’t treat us the way we treat everyone around us, why they don’t help us, why they are mean…and then we complain and get needy. It’s not pretty…LOL

What if you took responsibility for everything that happens in your life…remembering that life happens for you, not to you…You are responsible for the life you are creating, or not creating, the habits you have or don’t have, …it’s all up to you.
The sooner you and I   realize that we don’t need others support, the better. You are the best one to support you. You believe in you. You know what you know. You know what you need. You can have your own back. Don’t expect others to. Have enough belief in yourself for everyone.

How’s this for an example…let’s talk about your birthday…always been a touchy subject for me, along with Mother’s Day and our anniversary. I am one who loves to go all out for everyone on their day, remember all the anniversaries, all the things…but then there are always some who forget my birthday, who don’t do anything for our anniversary (we will not mention any names…LOL) or those who don’t do or give what I want or expect…and how do they know what I want or expect if I haven’t told them? Sometimes I don’t even know what I want myself but yet I expect them to somehow know. How crazy is that? The responsibility lies with me to create the experiences I want for myself on my birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day or any other day of the year.

So, last year, because of this teaching, and the song “Til You Can’t” by Cody Johnson, Sawyer, Delaney and I drove to NC to surprise my crew there. We arrived on my birthday, and completely surprised them. No one ever thought I would make that trip…including myself. I faced my fears, had my own back, and with a little help from a fierce momma’s heart, made the trip.  And you know what?? It was the best birthday ever…and I didn’t get a thing. 

So, stop blaming others for your crappy birthdays or holidays, or any other day. Create your own special magic. Take responsibility. Show up for yourself. Have the kind of cake you want. Get the gift, take the trip, do the things…Create the life you want. Don’t expect others to do it for you…especially if you aren’t willing to show up for yourself. Those expectations are just disappointments in waiting…

Only you can take responsibility for your days or the person you want to be…

You will enjoy life much more if you learn to depend on yourself.

Let this sink in. Only you know what you need. Don’t wish your husband knew…or wish he could see…or what he should…or what you wish the kids knew…or did…No one is equipped to live your life like you. Radical self-care will give you a better attitude toward others with no entitlement, resentment or bitterness, because you show up for yourself and have your own back.

Who’s up for it?? Love lessons like this?? Check out Life Mentoring School podcast with Dr. Edie Wadsworth…it’s what should be taught in schools everywhere…this is the real life stuff, my friends…This is from Episode 70, but I absolutely suggest starting with Episode 1. Hear her story. See and feel her progress. You will not be the same after.

Fall fun and not just back to school!!

Whether you're helping your little ones with homework, helping older kids stay focused in class, or needing some help yourself, these are some of our favorite oils for staying focused and alert!
  • Vetiver
  • Cedarwood
  • Brain Power
  • KidScent GeneYus
  • Inspiration
  • Envision
Why these? A study on essential oils and focus by Dr. Terry Friedmann found a 32% improvement in mental focus in children inhaling Vetiver, with similar results in the group inhaling Cedarwood Cedarwood. 
They realized that this is because of a specific constituent (a component of the oils). Vetiver and Cedarwood are extremely high in sesquiterpenes - molecules that deliver oxygen molecules to cells, just like hemoglobin does to the blood! More oxygen to the brain = better focus. These oils also help our brain waves calm from an overactive state to a focused one.
  • Cedarwood 98% sesquiterpenes
  • Vetiver 97% sesquiterpenes
  • Spikenard 93% sesquiterpenes
  • Sandalwood 90% sesquiterpenes

Thieves Household Cleaner is our absolute favorite for green, plant-based cleaning. You know we use this in our homes, but did you know that a lot of teachers will use it in their classrooms as well?! So many people have gifted it along with a glass spray bottle to their kids' teachers to use daily in their classrooms. Spice it up with one of these recipes!

A good night of sleep always makes you feel amazing, but did you know that sleep has even more effects than just having energy? It is a huge part of Your ability to focus, your immune system, and your ability to retain information! Sleep is crucial...Great oil choices are Peace & Calming, Cedarwood, Valor, Lavender, SleepyIze, Seedlings Calm, Tranquil. Immupro or Sleep Essence are my go to supplements. Have you tried Unwind or KidScents MightyPro? More and more research shows that a healthy gut is crucial for all things...including sleep!

              Nighttime Linen Spray
                                                        Spray this onto sheets, blankets, pjs and stuffed animals before bed.
  • Glass spray bottle
  • 30 drops Peace & Calming
  • 15 drops Lavender
  • Splash of witch hazel
  • Water
Pumpkin Pie Play Dough Fun for the kids with the option of being free of harmful dyes and ingredients and leaves the house and hands smelling AMAZING plus it has immune boosting properties! Super easy to make together, then let them play the crisp, fall day away!!
  • 2 cups cornstarch
  • 1 cup Kidscents Lotion
  • 4 drops Cardamom
  • 2 drops Orange
  • 1 drop Cinnamon bark
  • 1 drop Clove
  • Mix all the ingredients together and let their imaginations run wild!
DIY Clay Leaf Tray This DIY tray is a fun craft for the little ones to make and gift! Before the clay hardens, you can drop essential oils onto it. Choose stronger scents like Cinnamon Bark, Clove, Thieves or Peppermint to ensure more scent. 
First, explore around your yard and gather your leaves! Cut out a piece of air dry clay, then roll it out about 1/2 inch thick, making sure your leaf will fit fully onto the clay. Then, press your leaf (vein side down) onto the clay. Make sure all parts of the leaf press in so that you get all the pretty nuances of the leaf!

Remove the leaf from the clay, and cut around the outline with a knife (have adults do this part), then remove the excess air dry clay from around your imprint. Go around the perimeter of the leaf and gently press the sides up and in to create a small edge If adding oils, do so now. 

Allow the clay to air dry and harden. We set ours on a baking rack so that both sides were exposed to air. After 24 hours they had hardened and were ready to paint!

Paint! Once the paint is dry, cover with a coat of Modge Podge gloss, then let that dry for 24 hours. After the coating is dry, have your children sign the back and write the year.

I'd love to see pics of your playdough fun and leaf creations! Post them in Intentional Wellness on Facebook!

Is health truly expensive??

Sharing some wisdom from the great guys at Oily App today.

Health is simple…it isn’t always easy, but it’s simple. It’s a choice…every day, every meal, every product, every shopping trip.
Your body already wants to function properly. Are you helping or hindering it?

Get this…you’re more likely to be contaminated inside your home than outside of it! Stay with me here...

Have you heard of the 1976 Toxic Controlled Substances Act? No? Let me ask you this:  How many members of our federal government or members of congress do you think have studied chemicals and toxins?? 
This act did a few things. 
  1. If a toxic chemical was already being used, it was allowed in without rigorous safety testing – they were grandfathered in, no matter how good or harmful they might be. 
  2. The animal testing criteria was if half of the animals did not die when creating/using/testing the product, the chemical could be put in products you put in your mouth, use in your house, on your children, etc. It’s a little strange…not really a responsible baseline and we have no idea what they were thinking but…
  3. That other “f” word - fragrance - it’s the junk drawer for chemicals and toxins. If you see that F word anywhere – remember that it is a code word that means it is a patented chemical concoction of stuff and they don’t have to tell you what it is because it’s a trade secret. 
Greenwashing is tricky savvy marketing. The personal care industry is estimated to be a hundreds of billion dollar (650+) industry within the next few years and huge percentage of that is estimated to be “green”.  I was a Mrs. Meyers user until I learned that it is owned by a big company, is not organic, is marketed as healthy…but it is not…
Sadly, you have to research and be your own best advocate for you and your family. But that’s what I’m here to help with. It is so important that you know the source of your favorite products and that you can thoroughly trust them to have your best interest first. Product and people over profit is hard to find these days.
Let’s talk about areas you are likely to find toxins in your house right now… 

*1.  Personal care – Hair, skin, lotion, deodorant, wrinkle cream, toothpaste, shampoo, hairspray…generally stuff you use daily to help you look better, feel clean, smell good…it’s not just the ladies! Aftershave, shaving cream, deodorant, beard oil for the guys... Most of that stuff has warning labels. Do you read them?  Toothpaste – harmful if swallowed - it’s in your mouth – even adults swallow some. Not to mention, fluoride is a well-known neurotoxin and several studies have shown that children exposed to it had a lower IQ and suffered impairment in neurological development…
Remember half the animals had to not die….anything that goes on your skin goes into your body. Your skin is your biggest organ, but it is full of holes. Skin is porous. If it goes on, it goes in – you put something on your skin, 20-30 seconds later it is in your body...doesn't matter if the substance is harmful or good for you. It works the same way.

*2. Vitamins and supplements. Several years ago ingredients in big box retailers products were studied and it was found that some products had unrecognizable DNA in it…that’s code for trash. Spam and  bologna…are just a conglomeration of things…you ate it, caused you to poop, went right through you…same with Flintstones kids vitamins - just candy colors and sugar…Centrum vitamins have been found in septic systems completely whole...

Profit first is the cheapest way possible to produce products. Nutrition shakes,  Ensure - we give these to people who are sick, but there is more sugar in those than in  many candy bars, just empty dead calories we think are healthy. But remember, just because a product is in the store or says it is healthy, doesn’t mean it really is. 

*3. Household cleaning supplies. Household products are loaded with fragrances. Febreeze was designed to get rid of pet odors, but no one wanted it when it was first tested because…it had no smell, so they added the scent to drive the smell up. If it smells clean, it is clean right?? No! Remember the toxins thanks to the Toxic Substances Control Act, fragrance, and half animals not dying… 

*4. Scents and smells – candles, air fresheners, crazy sprays and aerosols, plug ins, burners, smells meant to make you happy or feel a certain way…are full of toxic chemicals, but also be careful of fake essential oils.  Yup, synthetics can be  labeled as essential oils. Nothing says the oil has to be pure from nature…it can be purely synthetic, too. You get what pay for…and all oils not created equal…

If you think health is expensive, take a look at cost of not being healthy…You can pay some now or whole lot later. Tell me, is it cheaper to change oil in your car now than to not change the oil and then end up replacing the motor when it blows up?

We spend money on candles, products to clean our house, on vitamins, supplements, toothpaste, shampoo, 15 cleaning cocktails, make up, and more…The cost of change is simply the hassle of making the change itself. 
Here’s the deal with ditch and switch, YL has 600 plus products…CBD, cleaning products, supplements, personal care, insect repellent, pancake mix,  snack bars, baby products, pet products and so much more.  Simply take the money you are spending in the big box stores and spend it on healthy alternatives instead, from  your very own online store!  No need to find new money! You just don’t buy any more dryer sheets…use dryer balls instead...those dryer sheets are toxin when they are heated. Thieves laundry detergent is so concentrated it lasts a super long time. That Thieves cleaner is just .69 a bottle once you break down the cost and just one bottle of oil will last so much longer than that candle and will support your body’s health instead of destroying it. What about bath bombs or shower steamers?  Simply put oil on washcloth, rub on floor of shower for relaxing spa shower or put some oil in Epsom salt and put in your bath! 
Health is not easy, it requires discipline,  but it’s simple. You can change the health and wellness of your family by just making one decision at a time, even if they are small decisions. They say  the only way to eat an elephant is in small bites...Lock arms with me and my community and together we can bring tremendous change and blessing in your family and those you love. That’s what I’m here for.
Ready to take the step? 
Share three areas in your health or lifestyle that you would like to change and let’s work together and start making those small changes. 

Are you chemically overloaded?

What happens when your body is chemically overloaded?  You may see it in something as catastrophic as cancer. But, most of us feel it in other ways like lethargy, inability to focus, sleep trouble, chronic inflammation, unexplained pain, skin issues, adult acne, hot flashes, stress, anxiety and fear. If you face any of these issues, it’s time to kick chemicals to the curb.

To help you do that, let’s take a quick look at the ultimate tool kit  that supports every system of your body. For more information about each of these oils, visit Nan at experience-essential-oils.com. Her website is my go to along with my desk reference.
Lavender is one of the most versatile oils, known as the Swiss Army knife of oils, has over 1000 uses...and is also the most adulterated oil on the market. Knowing your source is critical. 

Another great skin oil. Put on your pillow before you go to bed. 
We love it for bruises, blisters, rashes, bug bites, mild burns or headaches and anything we don’t really know what else to use. Spray it on your pillow before you go to bed. Lavender Vitality is great in smoothies, sauces, dressings, homemade ice cream, marinades and drinks!
Emotionally it is used for feelings of abandonment, criticism and helps you not to worry about what you can’t control. (Can people really do that?? LOL)  Relaxing and balancing. Fosters communication, brings clarity and insight. But with any oil, start low and go slow. Oils are powerful...ask Dana about his poison ivy story...

Peppermint vitality supports your gastrointestinal system and digestive tract. One drop will keep you alert while driving or at other times when you need to focus. 
I love it for its cooling effect. I will often drop it on the back of my neck when I am doing a Raindrop session as I tend to get really warm with all the energy that can be released from a client. This has also been my failure oil. Great to have this time of year as kiddos are going back to school as it helps when there is a block to learning a new subject and it helps to eliminate that fear of the unknown. 

Add it to your water, tea, brownies, ice cream, in a veggie cap, or even under your tongue. We will also put a drop on our thumb and put our thumb to the roof of our mouth to clear our sinuses. Dana gets a bit braver and puts it on his  mustache...Remember, vitality and regular are the same oil, just labeled differently to remain in FDA compliance.

Purification is an all time favorite. Have you fallen in love with it yet?? Great for cleaning, refreshing, laundry, pet odors and as an insect deterrent. I love diffusing this one all by itself.

Uplifting and refreshing, diffusing it purifies and cleanses negative emotions (now you know why I love to diffuse it...). Our favorite blue book tells us it is good for anger, being alone,  fear of rejection, fear of seeing, negative or wrong thoughts, recognition and violence.

Thieves vitality – thieves has been proven to kill 99.9% of all germs and bacteria. Do I even need to say anything else? LOL. When anyone even looks or sounds like they might be going below the wellness line, the first thing I do is get this oil in the diffuser and on their feet and spine. Why those places?? The spine is where bundles of nerves run through your body and the feet (and hands) are where they come out. If you put oils in those places topically, you’re covering a lot of ground in the body, even if you don’t know where those germs are hiding out – another reason Raindrop Technique is so powerful as the oils are applied on your feet and back as well.
I put a drop of thieves with lemon, orange or citrus fresh (vitality, of course) in my water or tea and I even have a popcorn recipe that uses thieves! 
Did I mention it is also our favorite way to remove splinters!!?? Simply apply a drop as needed and watch the magic happen.
Think you couldn’t use this emotionally? Guess what? It helps with feeling different, sneaky, or uncertain and is specifically designed to cleanse your mind or environment when you diffuse it. 

Stress Away – you all know my love/hate relationship with this oil. I hated it for over 7 years. Despised it. It was so harsh smelling! But I did put it on my feet because I knew my dislike of it had an emotional element… I giggled when I saw in the blue book that it is for the emotion of cruel…that’s about how I would’ve described this oil before. LOL 
It promotes wellness and is one of the top emotional oils, helping you leave all that stress behind, like from being over tired, irritated, angry, nervous, restless…wonder if it helps with being hangry?? Hmmm... It will also help calm you, bringing peace and natural restful sleep.

Deep Relief comes in a portable roller bottle...just like Stress Away. This makes it easy peasy to reach those places on your back or shoulders!

Wintergreen, helichrysum, clove, peppermint, copaiba, lemon, vetiver, candian balsam fir, dorado azul…powerful oils…but when combined together?? Game changer.

Nan says this blend will help you find emotional and mental patterns that stop you from exercising and/or taking care of yourself emotionally and physically. It may also dig up physical hurts that have gone unresolved including accident prone tendencies, over exertion or over achieving. It will cool anger and frustration that you have with yourself about those patterns.

Remember, anything that is continually overdone or in excess will drain your body and mind  instead of supporting them, even if the initial intention was good.

Last week we said 26 seconds after exposure, chemicals are found in measurable amounts in your body.  The average woman applies 300 chemicals a day – 80 of those even before breakfast!  Of the top ten most dangerous chemicals in our home, number one is air fresheners, those plug-ins or candles. Second on the list – cleaning supplies. 
Ready to take the first step and curious about how you can get this kit and start guarding your home? Message me or comment below. 

Next week we will dive into more detail about the toxins lurking in your cabinets that make their way to your clothing, your floors, your skin, your children, pets and food, also taking a look at greenwashing. Join us Sunday night at 8:15pm in Intentional Wellness.

Need a little kick in the pants??

Life is like a combination lock, if you know the right numbers, in the right order, regardless of your race, gender or anything else, you can have anything you want. It doesn’t matter who you are – the lock has to open for you. 
Believe it is possible and you can do anything.
Between the ages of 3 and 8, maybe 9, you decided you weren’t attractive, you’re not smart, don’t learn well, people don’t like you, it’s not okay to ask for money, or to ask for anything at all…Those long held subconscious beliefs continue to get in your way even today.
Who remembers Muhammed Ali?? Am I dating myself? He says, “Impossible is a big word thrown around by small people who find it easier to live in a world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion.” 

Every thought you have sends out a vibration – just like your cell phone, your tv, your radio. 
Have any of you ever seen or tried the rice experiment where you talk positively to one jar of rice and negatively to another for 30 days? We have done it and it is crazy! We even included a jar that we completely ignored…Google Dr. Masaru Emoto and his water and rice experiments. They are fascinating!!
Jack Canfield shares that the two most powerful words in our language are “I am”. Anything after those words, our subconscious takes as a command. Think about it. What words to you pair with I am?? Is it really what you want?? Do you really want to be fat, ugly, sick, tired, stressed, lonely, broke?? Where your thoughts go, your energy flows!! 
Your attitude and your reaction are always in your control…Step back. Give yourself grace, find gratitude instead of going into frustration. Will you always succeed?? Umm…Nope. But you will make progress. You will learn not to give your happiness away so cheaply and easily.

What do you need to let go of?? Grab your oils. Smell them right from the bottles. What ones are you drawn to? What ones do you not like at all? The ones you are drawn to, you need physically. The ones you cannot stand the smell of? Those are the ones your emotions need. Don’t set them down and walk away. Take the one that smells the worst to you. Put it on your feet. Put socks and shoes on after if you need to, or stuff them under your blankets.  But put the oil on. You can do this with more than one oil at a time, if you want, but at least use the one that is the worst for you. I promise, over time, if you continue to use it consistently, you will come to like or even love it, as the negative emotions are released and your cells are reprogrammed. I challenge you. Do it for at least a week, or a month, or longer. You will feel the shift. Then pick another oil…It’s truly that simple. You know my Stress Away story…
 If you want to know what my handy dandy blue book says for what oil to use for what emotion, message me! We’ll work together to figure it out. Have an area in your body that hurts, an issue or dis-ease you would like to see the emotional baggage behind? Message me. We can even see what emotions are connected to that pain as well. You are an amazing creation and you are here for a purpose. Don’t let another day go by without realizing that.

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