Early summer organ support - Pituitary and Thyroid - pt. 2

Continuing on our journey of exploring organs that like the early summer, this week we are taking a look at your pituitary and thyroid glands...

Pituitary Gland 
Emotions – represents the control center; not fulfilling purpose; fear; depleted; suppressed; unemotional; confused; sluggish memory; threatened; always changing your mind. 

Called the master gland, the pituitary is a small structure in your head, but it influences almost every part of your body. Its main function is to secrete hormones into your bloodstream that affect other organs and glands, particularly your thyroid. It handles nutrients and minerals, helps control growth, metabolism, blood pressure, reproduction, and other vital body responses. 

You can experience many hormone-related problems if this gland gets bumped even the tiniest bit by an accident or concussion. Your skin, brain, reproductive organs, vision, mood, energy, growth and more could be affected if it is not working properly. 

If your pituitary gland is underactive, you could experience shortened height, infertility, intolerance to cold, fatigue, headaches, changes in vision, confusion, a drop in blood pressure, and an inability to produce breast milk. 

Foods rich in minerals like manganese, magnesium and Vitamins C, E, B1 and B12, omega-3, iodine and iron like wheat, leafy greens, nuts, fish, fruits, and some legumes help support your pituitary gland. The herbs of Chaste tree and Sarsaparilla also help. 

Chakra and Color: Third Eye, Indigo 
Meridian: Triple Warmer 
Time of day: 9-11pm 
Opposite organ: Spleen, Pancreas

Oils to support your Pituitary gland that can be applied to the vitaflex points on your feet include Endoflex, Transformation, Valor, Envision, Surrender, Awaken, Lemongrass, Myrtle, Frankincense, or Lavender.

Thyroid Gland 
Emotions – humiliation, “I never get to do what I want to do. When is it going to be my turn?”, lack of drive, grief, sluggish, disconnected from your purpose in life, holding back, always pleasing others, muddled, confused, inefficiency that drains your energy, never enough time. 

The thyroid is shaped like a little butterfly and sits under the skin in the front of your neck, the area that moves up and down when you swallow. Every cell in your body needs thyroid hormones to work properly as it regulates metabolism, growth, and blood calcium.  

Signs of an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) include anxiety, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, hand tremors, hyperactivity, a visibly enlarged thyroid gland, heat intolerance, feeling tired all the time, sensitivity to heat, muscle weakness, hair loss, difficulty sleeping and more.  If you have hyperthyroidism, consider avoiding iodized salt, fish, shellfish, seaweed or kelp, dairy products, iodine supplements, foods containing red dye, egg yolks or blackstrap molasses. 

Medication that either blocks your body’s ability to produce new thyroid hormones or replaces missing thyroid hormones is the general course of treatment. 

When your thyroid is not active enough, signs of hypothyroidism include fatigue, weight gain, trouble tolerating the cold, dry skin, slowed heart rate, depression, muscle aches and weakness,  irregular menstrual cycles or they stop all together.  

Suggested foods for hypothyroidism include roasted seaweed, salted nuts, baked fish, dairy, eggs, apples, berries, dark leafy greens, seafood, and poultry. 

Chakra and Color: Throat, Blue 
Meridian: Triple Warmer 
Time of day: 9-11pm 
Opposite organ: Spleen, Pancreas 

Oils to apply on the vitaflex points are the same as above... Endoflex, Transformation, Valor, Envision, Surrender, Awaken, Lemongrass, Myrtle, Frankincense, or Lavender.

Here's to better health!!

Early summer organ support series part 1

“The power that made the body can heal the body”. (BJ Palmer) We are powerful creators, and we create either by default or intention.  
Each organ has a season when it is best to cleanse and build, so over the next few weeks I will be sharing about the organs whose favorite time of year is early summer. These organs can be cleansed and supported any time of the year, but it is done more effectively during this early summer season. 
Early summer organs we will be touching on are Pituitary, Thyroid, Adrenals, Heart, Small Intestines, and reproductive organs, using the Zyto scan guides I have written along with LeAnne Dearduff’s book, Ultimate Balance, and Secret Language of Your Body by Inna Segal. 
In Chinese Medicine, a meridian is a flow of energy that runs on a defined path in your body.  
Midday/Midnight law in Chinese Medicine tells us that the opposite organ is getting its energy exactly 12 hours later than the organ you are working with. One organ is resting, the other is receiving its highest energy.  
Many times, an organ may be acting up, but it is the opposite organ that is struggling, or it may even be stealing the energy of the other organ.  
It is suggested to work on the opposite organ at the same time as the one showing symptoms as this strengthens the energy flow to the organ while it is resting. 

Each organ is situated within one or more chakras and each chakra is associated with a color, and each color has a different frequency. If possible, try wearing the color of the organ over that chakra so light filtering into that area through the color will also help support the organ. 

This week we will start with the small intestine...

Emotions – feeling abandoned; insecure; vulnerable; confused; procrastination; scattered; stuck. 
20-25 feet long, coiled inside the lower portion of your belly, beneath your stomach, and surrounded by your large intestine, the small intestine (aka colon or large bowel) is a middle finger width section of your digestive tract between your stomach and colon, where food is broken down into liquid and the nutrients are absorbed. Any waste moves on to the large intestine. 
Some symptoms of issues with this system include diarrhea, fatigue, weight loss, malnutrition, lower body swelling, constipation, gas, vomiting, loud sounds from your belly or blood in your stool or vomit. 
Foods that may challenge your small intestine are coconut, corn, crab, celery, fried foods, lobster, mushrooms, nuts, popcorn, raw vegetables, shrimp, processed foods, refined sugar, gluten, dairy products, red meat, artificial sweeteners, alcohol. 
You can support this system by choosing probiotic foods like yogurt, apples, kefir, ginger and fermented foods. Other food choices include whole grains, leafy greens, lean proteins, avocado, asparagus, pineapple, onion, garlic, bone broth, apple cider vinegar, artichokes, leeks, bananas, honey, lentils, and kimchi.  
Reducing stress, avoiding antibiotics, exercising and better sleep habits may also help support this system. 
Chakra and Color: Sacral, Orange 
Meridian: Small Intestine 
Time of day: 1-3pm 
Opposite organ: Liver 

Apply oils on the Vitaflex points indicated below! Dr. Dearduff recommends DiGize, Joy, Hope, Harmony, Purification, Sensation, Peppermint, or Fennel. 

I'd love to hear what you think! Reply and let me know!

90% of all dis-ease is caused by...

Medical research estimates as much as 90% of all illness and dis-ease is related to emotions – those little beach balls of feeling you are so “expertly” holding below the surface…until one or more wiggle their way free…and we all know what happens then, right??

Do we let those emotional beach balls just ride the waves after they have finally escaped?

Of course, not…

We shuffle right over, promptly stuffing them right back under the water, while offering a weak apology through the embarrassment of it all and going on about our day…

Can you relate??

Emotion = e-motion = energy in motion…you haven’t destroyed it by stuffing it down…you have simply stored it away in an organ that resonates at the same frequency. Anger can get stored away in your liver, grief in your lungs, resentment in your joints or even bitterness in your gallbladder, and these can manifest into a variety of unwanted dis-eases, pains and inconveniences.

You may have even been born with these emotions that have been passed down for generations just like your blue eyes, curly hair and that little dimple on your cheek.

Think about this - if a player gets injured on the court or field during a sporting event, all action stops. It gets quiet. Participants take a knee. When the injured player gets up, everyone claps, showing their support and encouragement. When is the last time the world stopped and took a proverbial knee when you got the emotional wind knocked out of you? It doesn’t happen, and because it doesn’t bleed or leave a bruise or require a cast, we don’t take the time to acknowledge it either. So, we stuff them, ignore them, seemingly forget about them…until we can’t, and our body starts reminding us they are still there through those little, and not so little, aches, pains, sleepless nights, bouts of heartburn, infections, hearing loss and more.

Emotional balance and release is my favorite way to use Zyto Link scans. Awareness is 70+% of the healing process, so if you continue to release those trapped emotions using the recommended oils and products, that is a great start on your healing and wellness journey.

Zyto products are an incredible tool for helping you determine what your physical body needs for support, but have you considered the ways it can help you emotionally, as well??

If you are interested in a scan, simply reply to this email and let me know.  

No sunshine for these oils...

Summer and citrus oils just go together...but, just to be safe, it is recommended that you avoid direct UV exposure to an area where you applied your favorite citrus oil(s) for at least 12 hours...One option is to apply them at night. or as one of my mentors suggests, apply them where the sun don't shine... ;) 

WHY? Citrus oils (and some others) contain natural molecules that react with sunlight and can cause sensitivity to the skin. You will find that your favorite YL oils and blends that contain these compounds are labeled with a warning to avoid sun/UV light for 12 to 48 hours after applying. 

Diffusing is always an option, as well!

Oils that shouldn't see the sun:

* Angelica

* Bergamot

* Dill

* Grapefruit

* Lemon

* Lemon Verbena

* Lime

* Orange

* Tangerine

* Citrus Fresh

* Jade Lemon

* German Chamomile

* Abundance

* Awaken

* Christmas Spirit

* Clarity

* Deep Relief

* DiGize

* Dragon Time

* Dream Catcher

* Envision

* Forgiveness

* Gentle Baby

* Grounding

* Harmony

* ImmuPower

* Inner Child

* Into the Future

* Joy

* Live with Passion

* Longevity

* Peace & Calming

* Raven


* Surrender

* Stress Away

* Thieves

* Trauma Life

* White Angelica

When's the last time...

Time is seemingly slipping away...

When’s the last time you took a few minutes to reflect on the blessings received, lessons learned and growth that took place in the last month?

Days have been filled with memories, laughter, moments, treasures, mistakes, uncertainty, celebration, difficulty, opportunity and last times.  

Beautiful purple tulips from my girl for all the last first times we are facing together.

Received a pen crafted by my son with a material never before used to create a pen, unique and one of a kind...just like me...
Our angel babies would be 13 years old...

Long phone calls, breakfast dates, dinner invites, protection, baseball and softball games, support and a huge hug when I needed it most.  

Memories of days long gone with tears gently streaming down my cheeks, as I watched my dad take off in his plane after he let two great-grandsons check out his plane and fielded their questions...
A spend the night with a baby raccoon chattering in our entryway until it could be transported to a sanctuary.

NC road trip on a holiday weekend to surprise one of my girls! Magical from beginning to end, despite Snapchat ratting us out ten minutes before we arrived,  and the feeling of being in a snow globe that was filled with lightning instead of snow on our trip home...but the surprise baby shower was a success and I even made huge progress with a very shy little grand, gladly receiving the hugs and dandelions she offered.

Unexpected opportunities...and challenges.

Mother’s Day shared with my parents and the Maine crew.

79 lives touched from my work at the spa.

Slowly learning to trust and receive, enjoying the journey more instead of trying to control every moment...

Yes, the days can be long, but those years? Not quite so much...  

There will come a day it will be the last time you tuck your child in, brush their hair, read to them, transport them here and there, cheer them on at a game, see them every morning, hear your name hollered 757 times a day...you will have all the quiet time you wish for now...

What are you blessings and/or lessons are you grateful for?

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