Do you have a sickness cabinet or a wellness cabinet?

Thought we’d revisit a class I did a couple of years ago based on a video series by Dr. Jim Bob Haggerton. Just seems like a good time to be talking about building your wellness toolbox as we go headlong into sugar poisoning season.


Think about it…we have Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines and Easter…all holidays loaded with sugar…that shuts down your immune system for 7 hours each time you consume it…each time…and affects your brain like cocaine does…it’s not flu season, my friends…it’s sugar poisoning season.


So, let me ask you, do you approach life like a carpenter or a fireman?
If you are going to do a job, you grab specific tools for doing that job, right? All tools have a purpose. A hammer isn’t a screwdriver. You can use it to put a screw in the wall, but you are just going to make a hole. There are different tools for different jobs. 
Let’s talk about building your wellness tool box…NOT a sickness tool box…btw…how many of you have a “medicine cabinet” in your house??? Think about that…I have repurposed mine into a wellness cabinet…The words we speak matter…they have power.
If you are building a symptom or sickness toolbox, you are always chasing results, never the problem. If you can get to the original issue/problem, supporting and building from that space, you never have to build a symptom toolbox.
Consider a Carpenter or home renovation expert vs firefighter… the different sets of tools they bring to their job each has a different reason/purpose. 
A firefighter is putting out a symptom – a fire in your house. They come in with water hoses and axes, attack your house and try to save the health of the house. That’s it. If they get to your house on time and use the tools correctly, the house lives. You don’t call firemen out to remodel the kitchen or to add new tile in the bathroom, or to shiplap the dining room.
The carpenter comes in with tools to build up and make your home better than before. They rebuild. They find the area that needs love and support and they build that up, not tear everything apart. Yes, symptoms will happen, but much less often.
So...what can you do as you build your wellness toolbox?

*Be intentional. Do the best carpenters/workers coming into your home with random tools? Are they just grabbing a big bag and chucking a bunch of tools in? Dumping a bunch of junk in and hopefully they have the right thing? No!
If they are working on plumbing, they bring in tools for plumbing. Windows. Tile. Wood. Hang things on the walls. They have the right tools.


Ask yourself, “What am I dealing with all the time?”  I am very intentional about the products I use to support myself and my family every day. That’s my reality. It will look different than someone who is single and works all the time. Or to a woman whose kids are grown and gone who is taking care of herself and her husband. Totally different tool bags, though some products may overlap. 
Just simply ask yourself, “In my season of life, being intentional, what am I going to need right now?”
*Ask “good” questions when you are setting up your health toolbox (not a sickness toolbox…remember, we are breaking up with our medicine cabinet…it’s a toxic relationship….) 
In my wellness mindset, I want to have things that will support all my systems. Digestion, sleep, emotions, immune… You get to choose whatever you like or that works for you, that you could use in various situations. 
*Are you pro-active or reactive? Are you stuck in a rut because everything you do is reactive??  By the time you have a symptom and something going on…it’s too late. Support it anyway, even if it’s in overdrive, but it would make a big difference if you got a head start on it. Hydration perfect example. When you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated. If you don’t have water with you, you can’t drink it.
How do you get more proactive? Educate yourself. Learn what you can about the things you need around you all the time. 
Being consistent brings the biggest benefit. You don’t go for a run once or twice and think you are ready to run a 5k. You don’t go to the gym once a month and expect to be fit and able. It’s the little things we do consistently, day in and day out, that make the difference.
*You can’t use what you don’t have…Inner Defense, Stress Away, Thieves Chest Rub, sunscreen, bath bombs, digestive enzymes, fill in the blank….Loyalty Rewards and shopping from you own online store is such a  huge benefit, especially in this crazy economy! I just ordered  $400 worth of product and only paid $8.40 for shipping…This is also how I  have found many new favorites…products I wouldn’t have necessarily purchased, but I tried because they arrived free with my order each month.
*Use what you do have for oils and supplements! Do you have them just sitting on a shelf? Open those bottles. Smell away. Apply them. You can’t go wrong.  I’ll let you in on a little secret Dr. Jim Bob shared...ALL Eos are good for stress and immune support. You need them in your toolbox! 
Some of you are whacking away at your body, at your health, trying to support it like you are a five-year-old at a birthday party. They hand you a bat, put a blindfold on you, and you just keep blindly swinging that bat, hoping if you swing long enough and hard enough at that pinata, you’ll knock some candy out. You’re doing the same thing with your health…whacking away at your body, trying to support it, doing all this stuff…even using oil every day consistently, but you are still eating junk, drinking Red Bull, you never work out or go for a walk, you are still in a toxic or emotional environment, you hate your job and you wonder why that lavender doesn’t help…


Stop treating your body and your health like a pinata…
*Don’t have to do all this at once (I tend to be an all or nothing type of girl…I dive in headfirst, but…) Take it room by room, car by car, bag by bag…supply each situation. You are not going to need the same tool bag for every spot you are in. Your bag/purse/backpack looks different than mine depending on your season of life,  and your situation. What you need for one child can be completely different for another…ask me how I know… 
The great thing about the tools YL has for us is that even if you grab  a sledgehammer (like Thieves, or Oregano or another powerhouse oil or supplement) you are not going to mess up your house. YL tools are safe, effective, fantastic, and are only going to help your body work better. You  just might not get as much change as you want if you are not using the right tool.  That’s why I am so passionate about sharing my Insights health scanner with everyone! It is an amazing tool that shows you how your body systems are doing (detoxification, gastrointestinal, sleep, hormones, hydration, immunity, lymphatic, respiratory, even emotions and more) and it tells you which YL products your body needs the most! No more guess work! Then we rescan as needed to keep taking the layers of that onion off until it brings us to the core issue. I have used it with my family for years and I’d love to share it with yours! I even offer individualized wellness plans, so if you are interested, let’s chat!


So, simply put, supply the situation you are in. Build your toolbox intentionally. Use the things you have, but remember, you can’t use what you don’t have. Be intentional all the time. Nothing gets better when you are being random. And definitely don’t treat your health and your body, or your family’s health, like a pinata. 😉