Oh, but what if...

What if you focused on what you want more of, instead of what you don't want?

More always comes...good or bad...the universe is limitless...more always comes...

What if instead of letting one thing start the downward emotional spiral, you let one thing start the spiral upward instead?? Both options are always available...

What if you choose not to struggle? What if life could be easy?

What if you focus on your desires instead of your lack?

What if life is happening for you and you learn to ask the question, "Now what? What do I do now?" and going for magic and everything you want?

What if you fully believed you were born worthy and nothing has or will change that?

What if it is always the best day ever!?

Like attracts like, my friend. Joy attracts joy. Love attracts love...

What are you attracting??

(Melanie Ann Layer - Prosperity Codes - Compound Effect)


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