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Summer is supposed to be one of the best, most fun times of the year, right? So, why does it seem to be one of the most overwhelming times, too?  We hear a lot of talk about the slow, relaxing days of summer, and there are a few of those, but when you have kids, a job, and a life, summer can feel anything but slow. There are vacations to plan, ball games to attend, work to be done, and all those fun summer activities you want to squeeze in...sometimes it seems more chaotic than carefree...

All those plates you are spinning can make you a little crazy...especially once you realize some are plastic and some of them are glass... A new study from the American Physiological Society says that stress can actually rise during the summer. And I thought it was just me...LOL 

The good news? There are plenty of ways to decrease your stress levels and keep your emotional health in check. We have been learning how important that is on our Sunday Night Lives, remember? ;) 

Before we go further, I want to invite you to Dr. Edie’s Marriage workshop that is taking place on June 2 at noon. I’ve shared a lot of her teachings with you and I think every one of us would benefit from this event, regardless of what your relationship status is. You can register at www.lifeingraceblog.com/reinvent. Hope I will see you there!!
One thing I love to do in the summer is read at the lake while the kids enjoy the water. Thought I'd share some of my favorite books on emotions, how our thoughts create those emotions, and how it not only affects our ability to live our best life, but it also affects those around us, even marking our DNA and being passed on to future generations. Emotional work is extremely important work, my friends.

Heal Your Body by Louise Haye. An easy read, simple and quick to use!  https://www.amazon.com/Heal-Your-Body-Louise-Hay/dp/0937611352

Feelings Buried Alive Never Die by Karol Truman. This was tough for me to get into but once she started talking about birth trauma and I could see one of my kiddos in her words, I was hooked…  https://www.amazon.com/Feelings-Buried-Alive-Never-Die/dp/0911207023/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=feelings+buried+alive+never+die&qid=1653661421&s=books&sr=1-1

The Genie in Your Genes by Dr. Dawson Church. Epigenetics, blood transfusions, transplants, DNA, emotional trauma. Your genes respond to your thoughts, emotions and beliefs. I'm particularly interested in snagging this one since I had to have a transfusion 11 years ago... https://www.amazon.com/Genie-Your-Genes-Epigenetic-Intention/dp/1604152435/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=the+genie+in+your+genes&qid=1653661526&s=books&sr=1-1 

Forgiving What You Can’t Forget by Lysa TerKeurst. Discover how to move on, make peace with painful memories, and create a life that’s beautiful again. If you haven't read any of Lysa's books, you are missing out.  https://www.amazon.com/Forgiving-What-You-Cant-Forget/dp/1404114890/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1SW98Z1F3526D&keywords=forgiving+what+you+can%27t+forget&qid=1653661594&sprefix=forgiving+what+you+can%27t+forget%2Caps%2C2769&sr=8-1 
The Pathway to Emotional Healing by Jen McCraw. This is very similar to Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils and I have heard amazing things about this!!  Detailed explanations about how emotions cause physical dis-ease; instructions for releasing emotions and recovering from trauma; 70+ pages of charts with easy-to-follow instructions for releasing over 250 different emotions; Scriptural affirmations; Essential oil application suggestions; Emotional roots of almost 400 physical symptoms and illnesses and more.  https://the-pathway-book.com/ 

Switch On Your Brain by Caroline Leaf.  75-98 percent of the illnesses that plague us today are a direct result of our thought life. What we think about truly affects us both physically and emotionally. Fear alone triggers more than 1,400 known physical and chemical responses in our bodies, activating more than thirty different hormones! https://www.amazon.com/Switch-Your-Brain-Happiness-Thinking/dp/0801018390/ref=sr_1_1?crid=2A3HW3JSEP1KS&keywords=switch+on+your+brain+by+dr.+caroline+leaf+paperback&qid=1653661967&sprefix=switch+on+your+brain+%2Caps%2C1583&sr=8-1

The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk, MD. He uses recent scientific advances to show how trauma literally reshapes both body and brain, compromising sufferers’ capacities for pleasure, engagement, self-control, and trust.

Truth Drops By Stacy McDonald. Hope and healing for those struggling with toxic thoughts, helping you find how a distorted view of self, unresolved hurts and lingering fears can stunt your overall success and learn how to release it all to the God who sees…  https://growinghealthyhomes.com/truthdrops/ 

Winning The War In Your Mind - Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life by Craig Groeschel. Nearly everyone struggles with the battle in their mind on a nearly daily basis. Pastor Craig gives a totally different perspective on dealing with these struggles and shows us clearly how God sees us and how our trust in Him and developing new patterns of thinking puts us on the path to freedom from the poison we and the enemy create in our own heads. https://www.amazon.com/Winning-War-Your-Mind-Thinking/dp/0310363543/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr= 
“Get Out Of Your Head” by Jennie Allen. Jennie inspires and equips you to transform your emotions, your outlook, and even your circumstances by taking control of your thoughts. Our enemy is determined to get in our heads to make us feel helpless, overwhelmed, and incapable of making a difference for the kingdom of God. 
I'd love to hear what your favorite summertime reads are!! 

Until you can make your way to your happy reading place, pop this blend into your diffuser and feel yourself start to relax... 

Until next week...

Be well.


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