I hate to sweat...

I also try hard not to make unnecessary work for others. (Yes, I'm a recovering overgiver...but that's another story...LOL)

Started today by grudgingly grabbing my shovel and heading down the driveway to at least clear the mess the town plow always leaves because the man who offered to plow us out never showed up, mumbling to myself that I knew I should have done it yesterday when the snow was 50 pounds lighter per scoop, questioning why people don't keep their word and feeling a wee bit sorry for myself...

Came back in with a sweaty, stinky body and equally stinky attitude, but the end of the driveway is clear. Mission accomplished.

Hopped in the shower and as the water washed over me, so did a whole new perspective...

What a blessing it is that I am physically capable of shoveling my driveway.

Listening to the music of the birds was magical.

Are you ready for this one?

Just how many snowflakes and raindrops had to fall to create this depth and weight of snow?? Can you even imagine? These snowflakes and raindrops are a simple example of the true abundance, uniqueness, and beauty all around me.

"I make money like clouds make rain" (Melanie Ann Layer) came to mind. 

And I giggled. 

Then, I let it all sink in.

The beauty.

The magic.

My abilities to do all I want and need to do.

The physical release of negative emotional energy while shoveling.

I guess it is okay to sweat every once in awhile...LOL

The abundance that always surrounds me if I take a moment to look for it.

It was all a gift.

And I am grateful.


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