Medical research estimates as much as 90% of all illness and dis-ease is related to emotions – those little beach balls of feeling you are so “expertly” holding below the surface…until one or more wiggle their way free…and we all know what happens then, right??

Do we let those emotional beach balls just ride the waves after they have finally escaped?

Of course, not…

We shuffle right over, promptly stuffing them right back under the water, while offering a weak apology through the embarrassment of it all and going on about our day…

Can you relate??

Emotion = e-motion = energy in motion…you haven’t destroyed it by stuffing it down…you have simply stored it away in an organ that resonates at the same frequency. Anger can get stored away in your liver, grief in your lungs, resentment in your joints or even bitterness in your gallbladder, and these can manifest into a variety of unwanted dis-eases, pains and inconveniences.

You may have even been born with these emotions that have been passed down for generations just like your blue eyes, curly hair and that little dimple on your cheek.

Think about this - if a player gets injured on the court or field during a sporting event, all action stops. It gets quiet. Participants take a knee. When the injured player gets up, everyone claps, showing their support and encouragement. When is the last time the world stopped and took a proverbial knee when you got the emotional wind knocked out of you? It doesn’t happen, and because it doesn’t bleed or leave a bruise or require a cast, we don’t take the time to acknowledge it either. So, we stuff them, ignore them, seemingly forget about them…until we can’t, and our body starts reminding us they are still there through those little, and not so little, aches, pains, sleepless nights, bouts of heartburn, infections, hearing loss and more.

Emotional balance and release is my favorite way to use Zyto Link scans. Awareness is 70+% of the healing process, so if you continue to release those trapped emotions using the recommended oils and products, that is a great start on your healing and wellness journey.

Zyto products are an incredible tool for helping you determine what your physical body needs for support, but have you considered the ways it can help you emotionally, as well??

If you are interested in a scan, simply reply to this email and let me know.  


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