Summertime!! Full of all the fun activities, but how are you doing at not overscheduling yourself? Yeah...that's what I thought...LOL

Let's talk some simple tips...

If you’re taking a trip, don’t wait until the last minute to pack. 

If you’re throwing a party, take it easy on yourself and make it a potluck. 

The less pressure you put on yourself, the less stressed you’ll be in the long run...and the more you will enjoy the activities.

1. Acknowledge it
Whenever you are experiencing any challenging feeling, it’s always important to stop and acknowledge the feeling you’re having. I know you have tried to hold a beachball under the water...what happened? Yup - it blew up in your face or went flying in a totally different direction, but either way, it came back out of the water. That's what happens when we ignore those feelings...they come out somewhere else...usually as a result of something really little happening...

Identify and acknowledge the emotion. Let's look at overwhelm. Overwhelm is normal and expected when you have a lot going on. Recognizing that feeling is a great start. Where do you feel it in your body? Does your head hurt? Your stomach feel tight? Your body feel tense?

2. Determine where the overwhelm is coming from.
Our thoughts are powerful We feel overwhelmed when we think is too much of something: too much to do, too many feelings, too many things to think about, too many people or things pulling us in too many directions… you get the idea! After you recognize that overwhelmed feeling (or any other feeling), ask yourself what thoughts you are thinking about being overwhelmed. For me, it’s often caused by the feeling that I have to do all the things for all the people right now and of course, it all has to be done perfectly. No pressure, right? LOL

3. Figure out the truth.
Once you know where the overwhelm is coming from, you might notice that you’re telling yourself a story that isn’t true. Like in my example from above, it might feel like I need to take care of everything all at once and I need to do it all perfectly, but that simply is not true. The truth is that some things can be set aside for now. The truth is that everything will be okay if I let go of perfection...

4. Ask yourself what you need.
This step can be challenging at first but it is so important. Once you know that you are overwhelmed, you know what’s causing the overwhelm, and you’ve been honest with yourself about it, it’s time to ask yourself what you need right now in this moment. Maybe you need to tackle a task and get it out of the way, maybe you need a break, or maybe stepping outside for a walk will help tame your overwhelm. There is no right or wrong answer here, just figure out what will give you a bit of space to breathe and feel a bit calmer. I have learned, though, that eating 14 homemade donut holes isn't really the right answer...just sayin'...LOL

5. Take one small step.
Now that you know what you need, take one small step to help yourself. If you need a walk, take one. If you need to check something off your list, do it. One small step will usually lead you to one next step, and before you know it, you’ve calmed yourself down and you’re ready for the next thing.

Be good to you. Watch those thoughts...they are so much more powerful than we give them credit for. Take some time for you. Need a little help? Message me...I know a girl who can help... ;)

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Be well,

by: Vicki  Lyn Merrill©
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