What if falling apart is an opportunity?
We’ve all had those times when things fall apart. It can be hard. It hurts. You feel lost, insecure and maybe even like a failure. You may wonder if you can even put the pieces back together, worried that things will never be the same again.
But…what if nothing actually went wrong? What if everything falling apart actually made things come together? What if it was a gift? What if it opened up an opportunity to re-build your life from the ground up, with a stronger foundation than ever before??
What if, with all the pieces scattered about, you got to intentionally choose how to rebuild, or maybe build your dream life?
Sometimes things fall apart so better things can be brought together.

We are told from an early age that to be successful in this life, we have to accomplish certain things, reach certain mile markers – graduate high school, go to college, make a lot of money, get the promotions, have a beautiful house, the best car, travel the world, have influence and power…
Is this really all you want your life to be measured by? Are there other things more important? More meaningful? More inspirational and valuable? What if you defined the meaning of success for yourself? What would it be?
A post from The Daily Rest said, “What if your markers of success were how well you slept last night? How many books you read? How easily you laughed? How much time you spent story telling or feeling warm in the arms of and homes of people you adore?”
What if our most valuable contributions and achievements were how much time you spent with the people you love? How well you take care of yourself and others? How much energy you devote to activities that fill you with joy and passion? How would that feel?

Success doesn’t have to mean meeting or surpassing major milestones or getting the titles they bring. It can simply look like laughter, abundance, love, friendship, freedom, safety, good sleep, delicious food shared with friends and family, hobbies…
Are you brave enough to challenge the standards and challenge others to do the same?  Together we can redefine what success looks like, but ultimately, the change starts with you.
My challenge to you is to really think about what success means to you, what it looks like to you…and then create your own definition and live it passionately.

(text tweaked from The Tapping Solution app, Daily Inspiration)


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