I'm sure you have a favorite way to start the day, just like I do. I love listening to the Daily Inspiration on the Tapping Solution app. Just a quick couple minute listen can really give me a lot to think about for the rest of the day, and maybe even something to share with someone else at just the right time.

Today's email comes from Jessica at the Tapping Solution...I highly suggest if you haven't heard of tapping that you take a few minutes this week to check it out! Life has a way of being a little overwhelming at times, you don't sleep well, your mind won't stop racing, you aren't feeling quite right, or just need a little quiet time and space...that is where the Tapping app comes in handy! Simple quick reset to get you back on your way.

When's the last time you reminded yourself that it's okay, you are human, you are doing your best, and nothing has gone wrong...despite all that might be going on around you?

Yeah...I thought it had been awhile...

Here are a few simple reminders for you to consider today...

*1. It’s okay that things don’t turn out how you expect them to. We've talked about those expectations - they are just disappointments in waiting. Why do you keep doing that to yourself?

*2. It’s okay to adjust course and choose another path.

*3. It’s okay If you don’t have all the answers right now. Life has a way of working things out if you stay out of the way. ;)

*4. It’s okay to be a beginner and be clumsy when trying something you’ve never done before. So hard, isn't it?

*5. It’s okay if it all takes some time…more time than you thought…

*6. It’s okay to feel your feelings, whatever they are. You won’t stay there. They won’t take you out. Don’t keep holding that emotional beach ball under the water, or after it explodes out of the water yet again, don’t chase it and shove it back down again…Watch it just ride the waves, gently sitting on top of the water. Take note and learn...

*7. It’s okay If you don’t always feel okay. 

*8. One that’s super hard for me…It’s okay to ask for help...Are you sure? LOL

*9. Another challenging one for me…It’s okay to rest even when there’s a lot to do…or rest just because...

*10. It’s okay If you need a break from growing and to make space to just be. Can you just be in the moment? It’s the only thing you have any control over…think about that for a minute… 
Maybe you need to create your own reminder to take throughout your day today…so complete the sentence for yourself…”It’s okay to_________”. What is it okay to do, to feel, to be?? What comes to mind??
Take a deep breath and allow yourself to be in this moment. You took the time to read this…how are you going to apply it to your day?

Be well.


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