Let me tell you a little secret…if you don’t show up for you, no one else will, and you will not be able to serve and love to the best of your best ability.

If you don’t prioritize showing up for yourself, you will desperately need others to show up for you…you’ll always wonder why so and so isn’t supporting you or doesn’t show up for you, or didn’t remember your birthday…you’ll look for all the reasons why others should do something for you, be there for you, help you…

Guess what? The only person responsible for showing up for you is…you. Ouch, right!? I get it! It’s so easy to sit and feel sorry for ourselves, wondering why others don’t treat us the way we treat everyone around us, why they don’t help us, why they are mean…and then we complain and get needy. It’s not pretty…LOL

What if you took responsibility for everything that happens in your life…remembering that life happens for you, not to you…You are responsible for the life you are creating, or not creating, the habits you have or don’t have, …it’s all up to you.
The sooner you and I   realize that we don’t need others support, the better. You are the best one to support you. You believe in you. You know what you know. You know what you need. You can have your own back. Don’t expect others to. Have enough belief in yourself for everyone.

How’s this for an example…let’s talk about your birthday…always been a touchy subject for me, along with Mother’s Day and our anniversary. I am one who loves to go all out for everyone on their day, remember all the anniversaries, all the things…but then there are always some who forget my birthday, who don’t do anything for our anniversary (we will not mention any names…LOL) or those who don’t do or give what I want or expect…and how do they know what I want or expect if I haven’t told them? Sometimes I don’t even know what I want myself but yet I expect them to somehow know. How crazy is that? The responsibility lies with me to create the experiences I want for myself on my birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day or any other day of the year.

So, last year, because of this teaching, and the song “Til You Can’t” by Cody Johnson, Sawyer, Delaney and I drove to NC to surprise my crew there. We arrived on my birthday, and completely surprised them. No one ever thought I would make that trip…including myself. I faced my fears, had my own back, and with a little help from a fierce momma’s heart, made the trip.  And you know what?? It was the best birthday ever…and I didn’t get a thing. 

So, stop blaming others for your crappy birthdays or holidays, or any other day. Create your own special magic. Take responsibility. Show up for yourself. Have the kind of cake you want. Get the gift, take the trip, do the things…Create the life you want. Don’t expect others to do it for you…especially if you aren’t willing to show up for yourself. Those expectations are just disappointments in waiting…

Only you can take responsibility for your days or the person you want to be…

You will enjoy life much more if you learn to depend on yourself.

Let this sink in. Only you know what you need. Don’t wish your husband knew…or wish he could see…or what he should…or what you wish the kids knew…or did…No one is equipped to live your life like you. Radical self-care will give you a better attitude toward others with no entitlement, resentment or bitterness, because you show up for yourself and have your own back.

Who’s up for it?? Love lessons like this?? Check out Life Mentoring School podcast with Dr. Edie Wadsworth…it’s what should be taught in schools everywhere…this is the real life stuff, my friends…This is from Episode 70, but I absolutely suggest starting with Episode 1. Hear her story. See and feel her progress. You will not be the same after.


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